Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy as per Swiss health system includes hatha yoga – pranayam –  meditation.

The practice balances our physiologic, mental and émotionnel faculties. It développes our potential and has therapeutic effects for :

– back pain (diverse origines lombalgies)

– slip discs (hernias)

– inflammations

– pain management

– fear

– insomnia

– burn out

– depression

– digestion troubles

– articulations

– respiratory

– neurological

– hear disease

– insomnia and many more

Yoga therapy is enhancing the quality of life and well being of patients and practitioners. 

As per your needs you will be able to join a group or individual cessions of yoga therapy. Kindly contact through the contact form for further informations or to get an appointment.

Im practicing at your home or in Lonay/VD on tuesdays afternoons by Doctor Neela Seth, doctor in ayurvedic medecine.


What to expect in a one to one yoga therapy cession.


Contact and anamnèse. We define together your needs and objectives of the cessions. We set up a personnel and prescriptive program to practice at home. We decide the rythme of the cessions and how many. You should be wearing sport cloths to practice and come on an empty stomach to the yoga therapy (4hours before no meal).

For any question of inquiry please contact me via the contact form.

Stay safe. Namaste.



(Neuro – physical rehabilitation  / Restoration / Movement clinic through yoga therapy)

 Priscilla Brülhart – Yoga therapist YIA since 10 years


My name is Priscilla Brülhart, I have been an international dancer for more than 14 years and a yoga therapist. My journey as a dancer, and more particularly my injuries and a genetic polyneuropathy, led me straight to a yoga school in New Delhi, India, in 2011. It was at this moment that I became aware of what this thousand-year-old science.

Although I am not from the medical field, my career and my evolution have led me more and more to a realisation: Yoga is such a versatile, useful and effective tool that I had to find an approach that could reveal its full potential and share it in a simple way with anyone interested in it or who would have a therapeutic need. The goal is to access a non-limiting practice of yoga and movements in order to better understand and feel your body on its 4 levels (physical, energetic or vital and psychic that understands the mental and emotional).

I know that for most people and I was the first at the time, yoga evokes a meditation session sitting in the lotus position to do nothing, or to chain postures more complex than the others for an hour. It goes without saying that the reality is very different and that yoga is in the West, very often only a word or a perception of a science and knowledge, that is too less studied.  For many years I was treated and accompanied by my physiotherapists and therapists according to my injuries and pathologies. The point of no return for me was the disability related to my leg and my polyneuropathie, because no one had and still has a diagnostic answer or treatment to offer me. Yet my reality is that I am an international professional dancer and I had to find a way to get back on stage. I finally resolved to think about what allowed my body to be more fit, more available, less inflamed and to recover better. A way to listen to my and my disability. I realized the benefits that the practice of yoga had not only on my physical body but that everything was connected.


Yoga is a thousand-year-old system that works and is still so unknown in the West. I have enriched it with a different physical and mental approach from my dancer training and background. Over the years I have developed a methodology of training, recovery and physical and individualized preparation. A way of practicing and approaching movement differently from what is traditionally done. My REHAB-YOGA-BILITY® methodology is based on the mixture of movement visualization techniques (proprioception), yoga postures, breathing and meditation, in the service of movement and pain management.