Yoga Therapy

My rehabilitation Méthodologie can be presented personaly on power point about : 


– Introducion to the therapeutic methodology 

 – Méthodologie and researches

– REHAB-YOGA-BILITY(R)  the therapeutic methodology

– Application of the methodology

– Results and benefits for the patients




Yoga as you could read it in the definition is a prescriptive practice born in India to elevate the human spirituality and having a more healthful life. With evolution through time, science and medical sciences are decripting and analysing the results of the practice on our health, pathologies with its holistique approach. 

The yoga classes and cessions with Priscilla are all based on the principles of the therapeutic approach of yoga on our 4 level bodies. Physical, vital, mental and psychic. 


Yoga Therapy as per Swiss health system includes hatha yoga – pranayam –  meditation.

The practice balances our physiologic, mental and émotionnel faculties. It développes our potential and has therapeutic effects for :

– back pain (diverse origines lombalgies)

– slip discs (hernias)

– inflammations

– pain management

– fear

– insomnia

– burn out

– depression

– digestion troubles

– articulations

– respiratory

– neurological

– hear disease

– insomnia

Yoga is enhancing the quality of life and well being of patients and practitioners. 

As per your needs you will be able to join a group or individual cession. Kindly contact through the contact form for further informations.

Priscilla is also giving conferences about her rehabilitation methodology REHAB-YOGA-BILITY(R)   spirituality, lifestyle, health etc.