Yoga is a science of right and healthy leaving by balancing body and spirit. Yoga is born in India more than 1000 years ago. Yoga comes from the sanskrit and means « union of body and spirit » It’s a spiritual and physical activity. Yoga harmonies your body, workout the muscles, makes you flexible, develops breathing, concentration and relaxation. Yoga coordinates perfectly the different body functions for a good vitality.

The effects of yoga work on the body as well as of our mind and our emotions.

For the scientists and medical background, the success of the yoga is due to the balance it is bringing to the nervous and endocrine systems, which both have an influence of the vital organs of the body. Yoga is a source of Energy! It’s promoting a better internal energy flow which is normally stuck. Yoga gives vitality, tonus, muscles, alleviates stress, promotes weight loss, gives flexibility, balances body and mind! 




 Integral Hatha Yoga 


Unique yoga method which aims to develop the energies of our four bodies by cleaning out the toxins from (Physical – vital – mental – psychic bodies). Bringing several yoga types and technics together such as; Hatha yoga, pranayam, yoga nidra, mantras….  This Yoga is adapted to everyone who wants to harmonise his body and mind. Taking out toxins with asanas and different tools, promotes weight loss, gives and harmonise energies, balances and cool down the mind, alleviates stress, self-realization and activates the results of your personal training. 




Yoga Ashtanga – Rocket System 1-2-3-4


Power yoga form which synchronise the breathing with progressive series of asanas which will result in an internal heat process which detoxifies the body, muscles and organs. The result is a better circulation, a tonic and light body as well as a calm mind. 




Priscilla is trained in yoga ashtanga and the rocket philosophie of Larry, by Donovan F. Hicks. Donovan was accompanying Larry for years on TT around the world.


« The Rocket are unique! magic! The results and the transformation on the physical and mental body are breathtaking » …. Priscilla


Larry Schulz wished to create a système of yoga more suitable for westerners lifestyle and more « fun ». He modified a lot the primary série for everybody wishing to practice ashtanga physical part. Then in the rocket he added a lot of advances poses from 2-3 series of ashtanga. More over the big difference is how he built up the vinyasa system in the practice. For him the rocket makes you grow, increase your energy level and mades your body and mind stronger. The rocket is helping to leave your ego and take a step back in your life. Let the things happen. The breath in the practice gives us a space of peace within ourselves. The Rocket are practiced on a faster tempo and non stop movement wich makes the practice cardio. The arm balances poses are creating a lot of fun in the practice.  We know we are becoming stronger as our hips and buts are coming higher of the ground….  

« The Rocket is the place where you meet again your child soul. You step in and you do what you can, you enjoy and you leave feeling better than when you arrived…. » Larry 



Yin Yoga 


« Find your inner peace… ». Wake up your inner sensation and calm down to rest your body. The yin is the hidden energy of our being the slow and calming one. Yin yoga is a passive and gentle yoga practice. You practice without any muscular effort, allowing your muscles, tendons, fascias and whole inner being be stretched and released. The synovial liquid of the joins is nourished, the organs and meridians are stimulated. Yin practice is permitting to correct the body posture and gives you deep relaxation and recovering. A gentle yoga for everybody. Giving your body and soul more peace and let go. 


Sup Yoga


Priscilla is one of the first yogi bringing the practice on the water.  “Its a very funny way to practice, but also very interesting! For the physical part the imbalance of the water is connecting us with our deeper muscle and more over our balance. For the meditative part, on the water its just happening! You are immediately disconnected… “.  This class is for everyone with or without yoga or SUP experience 🙂 A gentle and fun class on the water on one of the most beautiful Swiss beaches!



Yoga is a mode phenomen?


At first there were : Hatha, Ashtanga and Kriya. The last one is being in all tranches of yoga ashtanga. The more yoga became popular, more we were creating all kinds of practices:  Iyengar, Bikram, Power yoga… Finally all the yoga has the same purpose: Get your physical body more flexible as your mind to eliminate your toxines on four levels (physical, mental, vital, emotional) to get on a spiritual higher level and feel better around.  Yoga was revealed, transmitted, new born et re thinked, then again teached by teachers/Gurus through thousand years to always respond to our society needs.


The yogini path of Priscilla


In 2006, Priscilla discover indian classical dance kathak. She is leaving to India to learn from her Guru Pt Ravi Shankar Mishra in Benaras.  

2011 Yoga therapy Master 500 hrs in  Sri Ma school, New Delhi, India.


2011  200hrs  yoga ashtanga in Florence, Italie with Donovan Hicks disciple of Larry Schulz founder of the

 system rocket vinyasa ashtanga.


2016 50hrs de yin yoga, Aarau.


2018 FEEL YOUR ASANA – Yoga and movement integration méthodologie  (réhabilitation) by Priscilla Brülhart


2019 (2014 – 2019) 500 hrs ROCKET YOGA METHOD – REHABILITATION – FACILITATION Certificate – Donovan F Hicks


2021  30hrs Neuro Yoga basis course.


2021 REHAB-YOGA-BILITY Rehabilitation methodology developed by Priscilla Brülhart. Learn more under Yoga therapy window.


Yoga has been the backbone of her dancer carrier, as she started yoga after a major injury wich left her without dance for months. Yoga transformed her but also transformed the way she was apprehending her training and her art. “For me yoga is just working and its just magical!” – Priscilla



After 10 years of dance and yoga practice, Priscilla developed her own yoga methodology as a yoga therapy prescription. Herself impacted by several injuries and suffering of a genetical neurologic pathologie, she has put all her knowledge and yoga tools aside with dance and mouvement research to develop a therapy with is like yoga fully holistic. Its inspired by her experience of teaching to so many different bodies type but also all the different backgrounds of her yogis.