Kathak dance

« Gauri » Kathak dancer – Shows

Pray Love Dance (recorded music)

Solo kathak recital presenting Benaras Gharana, on recorded music. Explanation of the different kathak pattern presented in the show.

This color full presentation is transporting the audience in the mytifying city of Lord Shiva, Benaras. Expressional dances and technical skills, created in the Holy city since milleniums. The devotion of the chants, the fast skills and precision of the foot work as the grace of the dance ris captivating the audience. A traditional show to discover kathak as it is transmited till today in the family of Pt Ravi Shankar Mishra in Bénarès.

The Maharaja court (recorded music)

Kathak Solo from the Lucknow Gharana. In this small presentation Gauri represent traditional compositions from the style of Lucknow with beautiful poems and tarana songs compositions. During around 35 min the audience will be sitting in the court of a Maharaja and can admire the precision of the gesture of the dancer and beauty of the music. The bells on the ankle of the dancer are also participating to the musical magic. The textes were written by the most renouned poets back in years in India.

Sacred Rythm of Benaras (Live Music)

Benaras, Kashi or Varanasi… Many name representing the mother city of Hinduhism, deeply rooted in traditions, where indian classical music and dance till nowadays express themselves. Holy city situated in North of India on the bank of the river Ganges, she is the inspiration place of many renouned artits and poets. The style (school) of Benaras is called the « Bénarès Gharana » and puts together musicians and dancer with a common repertoir and style. This Gharana is reputated for her rythmic versatisily, improvisation, devotion and dynamism. Kathak is the dance form of Benaras Gharana. A dance born in the Hindu temples wich evoluated through the ages till today to be performed by the new generations in the world. The dance presents always a narrative and a technical part.

Gauri, is a young Swiss kathak dancer. Disciple of Pt Ravi Shankar from Benaras from whom she got trained in the pure tradition of Guru Sishya Parampara (tradition from the teacher to the student) in Benaras the last ten years.

Sanju Sahai represent the 6 generation of tabla (percussion) player of Benaras Gharana. He is the  son of Late Pt Sharda Sahai. Sanju is one of the most refine tabla player of the world and the « King of Benaras Bhaj). Sanju is renouned as a solo player and accompagny the greatest artist on the world musical scene.

« Sacred Rythm of Benaras » is showing on stage the magic, mysticism and power of the style of Benaras. A youg generation artist with Gauri the dancer and a seniot major asrtist Pt Sanju Sahai on tabla. Together they are making a dialogue between the tabla and the ghungeroo (bells) of the dancer. They are melodiosly accompagnied by the sound of the sitar.