Danse Kathak

Kathak is born in the temples of north India four thousand years before. It has travelled to the courts of the Maharajas and Moghols emperors to become today one of the major Indian Classical Dances performed on the stage in the world.

    The word katha means Story. The kathak is using a codified language composed of syllables so that the musicians and particularly the tabla players can perform together with the dancer and communicate together. The mudras are codified hands movements. The ankles of the dancer are bound around with Ghungheros (bells) which becomes a percussion with the footwork. There are 3 different kathak styles (Benares Garana – Lucknow Garana – Jaipur Garana).

    The particularities of kathak are:

    • Expression: perform Indian mythology in Vandana- Thumri – Ghazal…
    • Rhythm: with feet and bells Upaj-Lari…
    • Technical compositions: Amad-tukra-paran
    • Pirouettes: chakkars