“A swiss virtuose of indian classical dance, of course its surprising. It is even more if she is like Priscilla Brülhart as blond as the grils at the Ganga river are brown…” (La Liberté).

Gauri is a disciple of Pt Ravi Shankar Mishra with whom she has spent many years learning the traditional Parampara Guru Sishya in Benaras. She belongs to the lineage of Benaras Gharana due to her training and carries this tradition in her performances and creations.

Gauri is born in Switzerland as Priscilla Brülhart. She has a very developed artistic sense and is passionate with dance and movement. She started her artistically studies in France at the Music conservatory as well as in the dance school Dance Plus Monaco.

Later on she also went to Laban Dance Center in London for workshop. At that time she was practicing several dance styles as: Classical, jazz, contemporary, and funky.

In year 2006 Gauri discovered Indian classical dance Kathak. She is immediately captivated by this rhythmic, express full and devotional art form. The complexity and cultural bound of the dance brought her immediately to India… She specialized and devoted herself in this dance style to perform and to be able to create her own creations along with contemporary and aerial acrobatic skills.

Gauri is trained by her Guruji Pandit Ravi Shankar Mishra from Benares who belongs to a long tradition family of musicians and dancers. Gauri had also the opportunities to work and to learn from different artists in different Gharanas (Benares Gharana – Lucknow Guarana). She also had the great opportunity to meet and to learn from the legendary Padma Vibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj.

During her stay in India she got also trained in Yoga to get many benefits from this Indian tradition and philosophy of living. Gauri was trained in tabla by Pt Udai Mazumdar to accompagny her kathak classes. She mainly teaches kathak in schools to children in France and Switzerland.

In January 2014, Priscilla fund her association “Sangeet Swiss” with chief Patrons are Pt Rajan Sajan Mishra, to promote indian classical arts and cultural exchange in Switzerland. The Dance center Monique van der Roer, welcomes Priscilla in 2008 to teach kathak and yoga. Gauri is also an empanelled kathak teacher of the Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie in Geneva. Gauri collaborates to several projects and workshops worldwide.