« Jugalbandi » litteraly translated from sanskrit means « twins in the arms » and is actually a way for the musicians and dancers to communicate together. Our show is showing the magic, the mysticism and the power of the Banarasi tradition. We are presenting three young virtuose artists, each one in his discipline and grounded in the same house tradition in the Kabir Choura area in Benaras. 
Jugalbandi will be touring Switerland and Europe in may/june 2022. The young artist trio is coming straight from Benaras and is proposing a very traditional and also modern show. 
The show is proposing a musical part to develop a Raaga and present the instruments  (sitar – tabla), followed by the dance performance along with the musicians, to bring the audience in an indian flavoured twister.

JUGALBANDI – Trio de Benaras


14 mai 2022 – 5pm Bern – IAB – Infos indian association Bern – vermas@bluewin.ch

28 mai 2022 – 8pm Château Bohême – Tinterin Suisse – Infos www.chateauboheme.com

29 mai 2022 – Château Bohème – Stage de kathak initiation enfants et adultes

2 juin 2022 – Masterclass danseurs pro dialogue musique et danse – Action danse Fribourg 

5-6 juin 2022 – Stage de kathak et musique indienne – Bulle infos et inscription via ce site

11 juin 2022 – 5.30pm Bougnon – Rossinière Suisse – Infos www.bougnon.ch

12 juin 2022 – Bougnon – Stage initiation kathak enfants et adultes