Since 14 march 2020 and after the predispositions taken by our Conseil Federal, Im workless as artist and yoga teacher. No shows, no workshops and no classes anymore. I took some days to reflect and think about what could be helpful for my audience and my students. As an artist I wish first to share the more I can. 


You can follow my FB page and my instagram to follow some live streaming yoga classe for free and soon I wish also to give a kathak performance on line… For those who wish to support me financially can make a donation per TWINT or eban. The live classes are announced day after day on the pages and instagram . 

For the kathak classes Im proposing on line personal classes.

Live Yoga

(Yin, Ashtanga, Intro au yoga, Hatha, Meditation….) 

You can also have a look on my YouTube channel

 Im sending you lots of positive energy and hope to see you soon on line. Take care of yourself and of you families. Stay home and isolated.

Peace and Love